1. LiveScan Level II Background Screening with an ELIGIBLE determination as per the AHCA

2. CNA or HHA Certificate with HHA Curriculum

3. Physical completed by an MD,PA,OP,RN,ARNP or DO dated within six months stating you are "in good health and Free of any Communicable Disease"

4. Chest X-Ray or TB test within 2 years with negative results.

5. Florida Drivers License and Proof of Auto Insurance.

6. Social Security Card or I-9 requirements: resident Card, Employment Authorization Card.

7. Current CPR Card issued by Red Cross or American Hearty Association.

8. HIV / OSHA Original Certificate

9. Assisting with Self-Administration of Medications In-Service.

10. Alzheimer's / Dementia In- Service.

11. Domestic Violence In-Service

12. CNA Must be Florida State Certificate

      HHA's minimum 40 hour HHA Certificate with curriculum

Documents Required for Registration

Thank you for choosing to register with Safe N Steady. Registration is held Monday thru Friday 10am-3pm by appointment. Please call 561-237-5252. Registration can take up to 2 hours. Please come prepared with original documents as listed below.

Caregiver Registration

Applications are available on line at: www.Safensteady.Clearcareonline.com/Apply