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Safe N Steady Inc.

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License # 30211526  / Registration # 231461

Nurse Registry / A Homecare Company

The Owners of Safe n Steady Inc. get personally involved in the direct management of our clients care.  We expect to be held personally responsible for their proper care.  We are dedicated to the Home Care Industry; an industry with a huge heart.  Taking the best possible care of our clients will always be our top priority.

  • Over 20 years of Experience!
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Involved Management
  • Careful Selection of Caregivers
  •  Trained Qualified Caregivers
  • Personalized Attention and Care
  • Licensed by the State of Florida
  • Accredited Member BBB

At Safe n Steady Inc. we are always available!  

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Caregivers are on hand to work hourly, weekly, overnight and live-in.

At Safe n Steady Inc. we are committed to providing high quality personalized Hands on Care services to the elderly and physically challenged. We offer friendship and practical assistance that enable older adults and the physically challenged to remain active and live in the comforts of their own homes.  You will be in the hands of a truly extended family that will provide you with the utmost respect and consideration.

                Cathi Goldberg

My wife Cathi became directly involved in the care of my father. Cathi has a Masters Degree in Nutrition from NYU and has 10 years experience  as a registered dietitian at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital. The experience of working on the Geriatric Unit gives her vast knowledge to provide the best care for our clients.

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Our Caregivers are special people. Each one is compassionate, caring and fully aware of the special needs of the elderly and physically challenged. All of our Caregivers receive ongoing training and are carefully instructed on the support required for each individual and family.  Whether round the clock or intermittent respite care is required, our caregivers are passionate about helping preserve the highest quality of life and are devoted to helping our clients maintain their independence.

Safe n Steady Inc. was conceived in 2009 out of necessity.  As my father's condition continued to deteriorate after a fall, it was clear there was too much for my mother to handle on her own. As we immersed ourselves in my father's well being, we noticed there was something missing with the existing home care agencies...."True Personal Service".  Getting to know and understand your  needs, speaking to significant others as well as, the immediate family, ensures that all needs are being met and openly communicated. It was directly out of this experience with my own father that the idea for Safe N Steady  was born.   

                      James D. Goldberg                                                     Founder and President